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The team at EnerZam has utilized their 20 years of experience to develop a modern, customizable and modular, cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) designed to improve the performance of your assets, WebSynco. Its ease of use, flexibility and high reliability are based on innovative technologies for accessing and managing information. EnerZam is a divison of UctriX inc.


We take data privacy and handling very seriously, hence why are very proud to say that WebSynco is certified ISO-27001.

The certification ensures companies such as EnerZam withhold the highest industry standards and practices with regards to data SECURITY, INTEGRITY and CONFIDENTIALITY.


Reduce Operation Costs

All the data accumulated throughout the WebSynco modules make sure the numerous statistical calculations and KPIs are performant and accurate. This ultimately allows you to increase the residual value of your assets, reduce energy cost of your equipment, significantly reduce unscheduled breakdowns and spare part costs.

Maintain and Manage Your Assets/Resources

A reliable work schedule and scheduler are included with WebSynco and help service managers ensure that no tasks are forgotten.


WebSynco Modules

  • assetsAsset Management
  • MaintenanceMaintenance Management
  • InventoryInventory Management
  • ProcurementProcurement Management
  • ClientClient Management
  • assetsTime Management
  • ProjectProject Management
  • BudgetBudget Monitoring
  • KPIsStatistics and KPIs
  • WEB RequestWEB Request Module
  • MobileWebSynco Mobile Application
  • TablesStandard and Customizable Dashboards
  • ReportsStandard and Customizable Reports

WebSynco Modules Are Ideal For

School Boards


Hospitals & HealthCare Centers



Hotels loading=

Property Management


Facility Maintenance


Transportation Industry


Manufacturing and Industry


Engineering Firms


Sports Complex


WebSynco Mobile

  • 01

    View and update work orders

  • 02

    Create Work Requests

  • 03

    Scan/View Asset Details (QR Code)

  • 04

    Inventory transaction (input and output of parts)

  • 05

    View customer details

  • 06

    All without internet connection

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